Inserts and stuff from the collection!

The three Bowie titles released by TMOQ have lots of different variations of their inserts.
In my collection I have several for each release, even though some of them are replicas.
I also have two different variations of the TMOQ release inserts.
Here is a nice little overview of what is in my collection!

Of the In Person inserts in my collection, only two colours are genuine. These two are the pink and light blue, in which I have three and two copies of each.

I also have three different variations that are replicas of the original inserts.
One light yellow, one dark yellow and one grey inserts. These are printed on a lot thicker paper.

For In America I have four variations that are genuine inserts.
One pink, one light blue and two shades of yellow.

The All American Bowie only seem to have two different colours on their inserts, pink and grey. In my collection I have two pink and one grey.

If you are lucky you might even have some of the release catalogs from TMOQ.
These shows an overview of the releases they have put out and what is coming up including their prices. If only the prices were 5$ today for a Bowie TMOQ!


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