Long break, more records!

It’s been over a year since the last post I made here. Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more difficult to find missing records to add to the collection. Luckily I have managed to secure some very important and highly wanted pieces from my wish list.

In America – green & black “Stout’s”

One of my most wanted records is this beauty. Although not fully green anymore this is about as good as you can find these today. It’s hard to believe these were actually fully transparent green records, but that’s the facts. I’m very happy with this upgrade as my previous copy had fully turned black and now I have one where you can clearly see the green colour!

Thanks to a fantastic friend I also got a chance to swap my old green copy for a normal black vinyl too. That means I am currently only missing one version of In America to complete the collection. That is the blue vinyl with green label. Not counting all the almost impossible to get Fried Eggs… It also means I now have every “Stout” version!

In Person – blue vinyl with white label

Another nice piece, although nothing special in terms of rarity really was this blue vinyl copy of In Person with white label. I got it off a seller behaving like a mad man, not pleasant to deal with at all. Luckily the record was in great condition. This means I’m also missing just one copy of In Person, also a blue vinyl with green label. Then I have completed my collection of In Person.

The All American Bowie – red vinyl with black label

My last addition to the collection is this beat up copy of TAAB. The sleeve has seen better days with both writing on the front and back and also a split seem. The insert isn’t any better either, but this red vinyl with black label was the last one I was missing to complete the collection of TAAB’s.


Another piece added to the collection

Some weeks ago I recieved this copy of In Person from one of my best friends after winning it in a raffle.
It’s a nice piece, a small sticker with tracklisting on both label sides. The LP came without an original sleeve, luckily I had a spare sleeve without the sticker, but with the arrival of recent box set I got some extra stickers so I used one of those on it.
Good enough for me!

The Year Of The Diamond Dogs – A tribute to Trade Mark of Quality

Usually I keep this small page limited to the old genuine TMOQ pressings, but I will make a small exception for this stunning new box set that have been released recently – The Year Of The Diamond Dogs.

This box set is one of the nicest releases I have in my collection and the quality of it is as good as the originals. It contains demo versions of the tracks Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me and 1984 – Dodo. 110 copies of the LPs were made, in total only 9 box sets were made as well as one deluxe box set with a few more items than the ones pictured here.
The rest of the LPs are split into single releases, 40 copies comes with Stout sleeve and 40 copies in a lilac stamped sleeve.
If you ever come across either of these, buy them, they are one of the finest modern day Bowie bootlegs you can find. The nicest TMOQ Bowie tribute so far.

Here are some more pictures!

Latest arrival

On friday I recieved a new copy of The All American Bowie. I got contacted through the website by Sky who wondered if I were interested in this record. Very happy with it, I didn’t have the sleeve in white, not that I usually care about sleeves, but it’s nice to add them when I can. Thanks Sky!

The holy grail!

Finally, after years of searching I managed to find a copy of In America with the Fried Egg pattern.
This has been on the top of my wantlist since I bought my very first TMOQ.
They are simply stunning records, I managed to get my favourite, the blue and white combination.
I can’t thank Dillon from Noble Records enough for all the help. Please go check out the store, highly recommended!

With this now finally in my collection I getting very close to completion. I won’t focus too much on finding all the other eggs, I have many years left to find those!

New copy of The All American Bowie in!

One of my latest arrivals was this red vinyl copy of The All American Bowie with a highly developed cancer pattern. It also had a white label which was a new combination I can’t remember seeing before. It will be interesting to see if it continues to darken over time, but for now the pattern is really cool! Happy with this one!

David Bowie in Rolling Stone November 9th 1972

The issue of Rolling Stone magazine from November 9th 1972 asked; “Are you man enough for David Bowie?”
Little did they know some parts of this article would later be used on the icon bootlegs from TMOQ, In Person and In America. As you can see from the pictures, the title and photos were later put on the inserts for the two records. Very cool pieces.

If you want to read the full article, you can find it here (without the pictures): David Bowie – In America

Another record added to the collection!

I recently came across a copy of The All American Bowie on red vinyl with the green label. This is my third time buying this record which is one of the bicest looking combinations. The record even came with a beautiful blue sleeve which I didn’t have for any of the releases, the insert was also glued on the back. Very nice copy!

A broken piece

I recently came across a copy of In America on red vinyl with the big pig label. Unfortunately it was broken, but I got it for a fair price of 25€ which is a great deal for the sleeve itself! Now I’m going to try and fix this piece, luckily I have my other red In America!