TMOQ labels on the Bowie releases!

Here is a overview of the different labels you can find on the Bowie releases from TMOQ.
Note that this is only for original TMOQ releases, I have not included the Smoking Pig releases as these are reissues.

TMOQ labels for Bowie releases

The white label seems to be the most common and it can be found on a variety of releases. You can find it on the following releases.

In Person: Red, blue, green and orange vinyl releases.
In America: Orange, blue and all variations of “Fried Eggs” vinyl releases.
The All American Bowie: Purple, yellow, sky blue, blue and orange vinyl releases.
Santa Monica: None.

The black label is a lot rarer then the white, but is found on all three of the standard releases.

In Person: Red, orange, yellow and blue vinyl releases.
In America: Green, red and blue vinyl releases.
The All American Bowie: Red vinyl releases.
Santa Monica: None.

The green label is one of the rarer, together with the yellow. But his can also be found on all three releases.

In Person: Blue vinyl releases.
In America: Blue vinyl releases.
The All American Bowie: Blue and red vinyl releases.
Santa Monica: None.

The yellow label is the rarest of the “normal labels” and is only found on two In Person releases.
There is also a yellow label on the stamped Santa Monica double album, but this has a brighter yellow colour.

In Person: Yellow and red vinyl releases.
In America: None.
The All American Bowie: None.
Santa Monica: Black vinyl (Brighter yellow label) Disc 1

The brown label is the rarest label, but is only found on the second disc of the stamped Santa Monica release. I don’t count this is as a normal label. It can also be found on Santa Monica releases without stamped covers.

In Person: None.
In America: None.
The All American Bowie: None
Santa Monica: Black vinyl releases, disc 2.

For what I call the “Stout” releases, or printed label releases there are three different labels.
They are the same for all vinyl variations of that release and they all have the same big farm pig label on the
B-side of the record.

The gold label is available on black, red and splatter vinyl releases of In Person.

The green label is available on black, red and green vinyl releases of In America.

The purple label is available on black and red vinyl releases of The All American Bowie

Release of the week!

Since I managed to get a few more TMOQ’s in last week I can do another round with release of the week from my collection!

Here we have a real treasure and very hard to find item, The All American Bowie on red vinyl, purple and big pig label and Stout sleeve!

One that I could finally tick off from my wantlist!

New additions to the collection!

Last week I recieved three fantastic beauties. Even one I have been looking everywhere for! I finally found a copy of the red vinyl “The All American Bowie” with big pig label and stout sleeve. Very hard to find these days.

I also got two other beauties, the In Person & In America on red vinyl and big pig label.

All three in fantastic condition! Will treasure these highly, thank you to a great friend for the help!

Release of the week!

Another In Person coming in this week.
The release with the most variations by far, In Person is a nightmare to collect.
Here is the orange vinyl with white label. The brother to my very first TMOQ which was the same colour combination of In America.
This sleeve has seen better days though!

New arrival – In Person splatter!

Yesterday I recieved a twin copy of one of my biggest treasures – In Person on black & white splatter vinyl.

A super rare release, very happy to have found another one of these gems.

If you are interested in a copy, feel free to contact me 😊

Release of the week!

We are close to the end of my collection. This week we have the last of my In America copies. On dark blue vinyl with black label. Not a super rare release by any means, but still a must if you want to complete the collection.
Bought from a very good friend with a gigantic TMOQ collection!

Release of the week!

This week we have another variation of In America.
This copy is the red vinyl version with black black label. My copy comes in a orange sleeve with the square gold sticker. A nice copy I got from a good friend!

Release of the week!

We are getting closer to the end as I am almost at the end of the list of my personal TMOQ’s.
This week we have another great In Person, on red vinyl with black label.
I was lucky enough to have bought this Utrecht last November when a friend found it.

Release of the week!

Here is a near mint copy of The All American Bowie on poppy red vinyl with a green label.
This release also comes with a perfect insert, bought from a fellow TMOQ collector in Italy.
Very rare combination, and another of my favourites!

Release of the week!

Here is another one of my latest purchases, my only blue copy of In Person and with a black label. No insert with this one, but a fairly nice copy. The blue colour is almost non transparent, similar to the dark blue In America with black label.