New life for the pig!

Boiler Room Records, located in Poole have a fantastic TMOQ inspired logo. If you haven’t seen this already, be sure to check them out! You will find them on Facebook and if you get the chance, be sure to visit their store! Run by fantastic people with a big passion for records!

Do also check out the maker of this great artwork – Kris Hastings

Boiler Room Records artwork by Kris Hastings
Original artwork for Trade Mark Of Quality by William Stout

Release of the week!

This week we have one of the rarest Bowie TMOQ’s of the normal coloured variations.
The yellow vinyl copy of In Person with yellow label.
For some reason this combination is incredibly hard to find. My copy is a stunning near mint with both the insert for the album and also the TMOQ catalog.
A fantastic release and one of my favourites!

Release of the week!

This week we have another copy of The All American Bowie, this time on blue coloured vinyl with green label.
This colour combination seems to be quite common for The All American Bowie.
It’s harder to find the other two releases with blue vinyl and green label combo.

Mine is a great copy and the very first All American I got.

Release of the week!

This week we have a real rarity. The green vinyl In America with Stout sleeve.
The green In America is famous for it’s in many cases unfortunate event of changing colour.
The discs originally were clear green, but over time many reported seing them change colour. A real unfortunate event as this makes the records entirely black in many cases like mine. Held against light you can still see the green shine through.
Not all disc change colour though, some stop mid-process.
The same happens for a lot of other TMOQ boots with other artists too, but the green records seem to be heavily affected.

Release of the week!

This weeks release is The All American Bowie on black vinyl with purple label and Stout Sleeve!
Personally I love the Stout sleeves, great artwork which makes these TMOQ releases unique.
As we all know, The All American Bowie is one of two Bowie gigs that TMOQ put out, the other being Santa Monica.
This version is not the hardest to find, but the red version is a lot rarer than the black vinyl.
Anyway, a very nice release.
My copy also have a black on black splatter effect in the record. I don’t know the reason for this though.

New piece added to the collection!

A beautiful In America on green vinyl arrived yesterday!
This is the only green version of In America except the “Stout” version and comes with a black label.

I got this beauty the fantastic record store Boiler Room Records, you should check them out!
Have a look at their fantastic TMOQ inspired logo too!
A fantastic place to look for your next record purchase, and maybe you find a TMOQ hidden in the stacks too!

Release of the week!

This week we have a ver nice copy of In America.
Blue vinyl with white label.
One of three blue varations of In America. The other two being a black label copy and also a green label copy.
This copy comes with a light yellow original insert.