Long break, more records!

It’s been over a year since the last post I made here. Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more difficult to find missing records to add to the collection. Luckily I have managed to secure some very important and highly wanted pieces from my wish list.

In America – green & black “Stout’s”

One of my most wanted records is this beauty. Although not fully green anymore this is about as good as you can find these today. It’s hard to believe these were actually fully transparent green records, but that’s the facts. I’m very happy with this upgrade as my previous copy had fully turned black and now I have one where you can clearly see the green colour!

Thanks to a fantastic friend I also got a chance to swap my old green copy for a normal black vinyl too. That means I am currently only missing one version of In America to complete the collection. That is the blue vinyl with green label. Not counting all the almost impossible to get Fried Eggs… It also means I now have every “Stout” version!

In Person – blue vinyl with white label

Another nice piece, although nothing special in terms of rarity really was this blue vinyl copy of In Person with white label. I got it off a seller behaving like a mad man, not pleasant to deal with at all. Luckily the record was in great condition. This means I’m also missing just one copy of In Person, also a blue vinyl with green label. Then I have completed my collection of In Person.

The All American Bowie – red vinyl with black label

My last addition to the collection is this beat up copy of TAAB. The sleeve has seen better days with both writing on the front and back and also a split seem. The insert isn’t any better either, but this red vinyl with black label was the last one I was missing to complete the collection of TAAB’s.


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