The Year Of The Diamond Dogs – A tribute to Trade Mark of Quality

Usually I keep this small page limited to the old genuine TMOQ pressings, but I will make a small exception for this stunning new box set that have been released recently – The Year Of The Diamond Dogs.

This box set is one of the nicest releases I have in my collection and the quality of it is as good as the originals. It contains demo versions of the tracks Rock ‘n’ Roll With Me and 1984 – Dodo. 110 copies of the LPs were made, in total only 9 box sets were made as well as one deluxe box set with a few more items than the ones pictured here.
The rest of the LPs are split into single releases, 40 copies comes with Stout sleeve and 40 copies in a lilac stamped sleeve.
If you ever come across either of these, buy them, they are one of the finest modern day Bowie bootlegs you can find. The nicest TMOQ Bowie tribute so far.

Here are some more pictures!