Release of the week!

This week we have the second part of the Santa Monica gig, In America.
This “Stout” version can be found in three different colours, black, red and green.
All have the same green label and as with all the other stouts, the big pig label on the back.

Here is the red version.
A great release and pretty rare as with all the other coloured stouts.


Release of the week!

Every week one release from my personal collection will be on display as release of the week.

First off is this stunning “splatter” version of In Person!
By far the rarest and most valuable version of the In Person release.

It’s hard to tell how many copies that actually exist and they are rarely seen for sale.
Prices have risen a lot over the years and it’s hard to find copies being sold for less than 1000€, unless you are lucky!